Experience The Angry Wildwood Waves In 360

Experience The Angry Wildwood Waves In 360

Experience The Angry Wildwood Waves In 360

Hey folks!

We wanted to film something special for you guys. You always enjoy our live stream videos on Facebook so for this video we took it to a whole new level.

We purchased a 360 camera and a stand so that you can have an immersive 360 view of different places here in the Wildwoods.

For our first video we decided to record the stormy conditions of the Ocean during a storm.

This video was filmed in North Wildwood at 3rd and JFK on the jetty. As you can tell from the video it was truly a stormy day at sea. You are able to see waves crashing on the rocks, the ocean moving down the beach and how big the waves are.

In the video below you are able to see in all directions. Use your curser to look up, down, left and right!

If you enjoy this video please let us know so that we can do more. Also please subscribe to our YouTube channel and hit that notification bell so when we upload new video you will find out right away!

See you on the beach.


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About The Author

My name is Joey Contino. I am a big lover of anything Wildwood. I have lived and worked in Wildwood my whole life. I worked jobs from working on the beach renting umbrellas and chairs to being a supervisor at Morey's Piers. Wildwood is my life and my home!

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