Mayor: Kate Smith’s “God Bless America” Is STAYING

Mayor: Kate Smith’s “God Bless America” Is STAYING

Mayor: Kate Smith’s God Bless America Will Continue To Play In Wildwood

Last week we had an interesting topic online titled: “Should Wildwood Stop Playing Kate Smith’s “God Bless America?”

If you want to read the orignal article click the link below.

Should Wildwood Stop Playing Kate Smith’s God Bless America?

We made a poll and the results were…

No (Keep Playing It) – 87% – 1,385 Votes

Yes (Stop Playing It) – 9% – 150 Votes

Who Cares? – 4% 66 Votes

Today Wildwood Mayor Ernie Troiano talked on the Dom Giordano Show on 1210 WPHT about if Wildwood will be playing Kate smith’s “God Bless America.” 

In the interview he said “The song is greater than anything…” “So it will continue to play in Wildwood.”

In relation to Kate Smith’s past and the connection to God Bless America, Troiano said, “It’s a patriotic song that has nothing to do with anything other then America.”

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To check out full interview click the link below. 

Listen to the Full Interview Here

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