Randy Opens BAZOOKA Blaster On Boardwalk

Randy Opens BAZOOKA Blaster On Boardwalk

Randy Opens BAZOOKA Blaster On Boardwalk

Randy posted the news in a Facebook post. It reads;

“There will be something new open on the Boardwalk at Magnolia Ave.

After much effort doing the installation, the City APPROVED the License TODAY, and the BAZOOKA Blaster will be open for the first time. It is a small Game Stand which last year was a kick the Soccer Ball game, and now, Players will get to SHOOT the Bazooka Blaster Cannons, to see how many “cats” they can knock down on the Cat Rack!

The “Cat Rack” is an “old standard” from the Boardwalks…. Traditionally, players THREW Baseballs at the rack of “Cats” in attempt to knock them over. The Cat Rack was also know as a “Punk Rack” because of the type of “Punks” who would want to show how tough they were throwing those Baseballs as HARD as they could knocking over the “Cats.”

Using the Bazooka Blaster Cannons, puts EVERYONE on the same skill level, as you do not have to be a Baseball Player, or a City Street Punk, to throw the ball hard enough to knock over the cats! PLUS, shooting the Bazooka Blaster Cannons is just plain FUN.

Load a Ball, Take Aim, Press the FIRE Button, and BLAST!

The Bazooka Cannon slams a Ball to either knock over a Cat, or Smash into the Back Wall with a BANG.

Guarding from a rare Rebound, Guests are protected by netting, and only the Barrel of the Bazooka Blaster Cannon is on the inside of the Net, and in the Game Zone.

PLUS, in keeping with making EVERYONE HAPPY, this Game is being Operated as an “EVERYONE WINS” Game! That means that EVERY person who plays will WIN the PRIZE….

EVEN if you MISS EVERY SHOT!! Even LARGER Prizes can be won simply by trading up!

So try it out, you get EIGHT Shots for only $5.-, and you WILL WIN as that is a CERTAINTY.”

Randy even posted a video to show us all the new game.

So what do you guys think?? Comment below!!!

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