Beach Ball Paintings On Wildwood’s Rio Grande

The Rio Grande Gateway Project is almost completed!! The final things

Beach Ball Paintings On Wildwood's Rio Grande

Beach Ball Paintings On Wildwood’s Rio Grande

the city is working on painting the streets. YES… you heard me right, painting the streets. 

There are two interactions that have been painted; Susquehanna Ave Intersection and the Park Ave Intersection. Both have different designs. Park has four beach balls while Susquehanna has two. 

The crosswalks are painted as well. They are squares and circles (white and blue).

After three weekends of work they are almost completed with the painting. I decided to give you a tour of the paint job and a bird’s eye view of the paint job. 

Looking at the plans it looks like we still have one more blue strip to paint. After this the only thing left on gateway project is the park (next to TD Bank) and the pump line located on the beach.

If you want to learn about the new pump line click the link below.

What’s That On The Wildwood Beach??

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