The Coca-Cola Sign WILL Get Re-Lit

Many have asked us questions about the old Coca-Cola sign that hangs on the Wildwood boardwalk above Harry’s Corner located at 3420 Boardwalk. One of the biggest questions is “Why isn’t it lit?”

It is now confirmed!!!! Come next summer the Coca-Cola sign will be relit! 

First and foremost Coca-Cola owns that sign and just like you can’t touch someone’s property the Coca-Cola sign couldn’t be touched. After most of the light bulbs burned out it made more sense to just shut the sign down.

Here’s the good news!

ABS sign just got the ok from Coca-Cola to rebuilt and lite the sign! How cool! 

A side note, ABS sign was working on cleaning and painting the old pirate facade next to Harry’s Corner a few weeks ago!

Photos courtesy of ABS’s Facebook Page and Ed Wheat

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