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About us

Welcome To The Wildwood Video Archive

This is a little about us:

The Wildwoods are unlike anything in the world. We have a rich history from the Doo-Wop era, to the age of steel rides.

Over time we realized that there are tons of amazing videos of the Wildwoods online but some are very hard to find. If you “Google” long enough you come to find that there are some great videos that no one even knew existed but was buried under other videos or websites. This had to change.

We wanted to put together an archive where people could submit their videos so that for generations to come everyone would have an archive of all the great Wildwood videos we come to love.

In the beginning we started asking other Wildwood Enthusiasts if they were interested in submitting their footage of the Wildwoods so that we could build this ultimate online archive.  We have about 300 videos on the site and are adding more and more each day. The website is updated daily with new videos and sometimes articles. Some of the best content we get are from home family videos.

Also one important thing about this. We aren’t doing this for money. If people give us their videos we aren’t trying to make money on it. We are doing it just for a pleasure. When a video is submitted we embed that YouTube link on our site. If that person’s video is monetized through YouTube, they will still get paid for each video through Ad-sense/Google Ads.

If you, or someone you know, are interested in adding videos to the archive, all you would need to do it click, “Submit A Video” in the menu bar above. We ask for the following information; Your name, Video Link, Email, and description. We give full credit of each video to it’s owner.

We need the world to see how beautiful and fantastic our island is.