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Advertise With Joey

Advertise With Us

When it comes to advertising with the Wildwood Video Archive, no one is South Jersey has a bigger reach.

Between our Youtube Channel, “Wildwood Video Archive,” Facebook page, “Wildwood Boardwalk” website, and Instagram page, “Wildwood Boardwalk” we have a reach of over one million people a week.

To put that into perspective, that is more than the population of Spain. (which sits at 47,000,000).

Advertising with us means that your product and services will get great exposure across the states of New Jersey, New York, Delaware, Maryland, and Pennsylvania.

There are a few ways you can advertise with us.

  1. Article Feature – An article written about your product and service

  2. In-video Ad Sponsorship – A 15-second ad featured in our videos

  3. Product Placement – Your product shown in our video with the product mentioned

  4. Video Feature – A full video about your product and service

  5. Post Feature – A Facebook/Instagram post about your product

These advertising methods can all be explained and priced based on how you want to grow your product.

Send us an email below and someone from the WVA team will reach out to you.

As always, see you on the beach.

Joey Contino