Two weeks ago we announced that a country star was coming to Wildwood but we had no idea who it was or when it would be. Just for fun we put up a poll ” POLL: WHAT STAR DO YOU THINK WILL BE PERFORMING IN WILDWOOD”  that 437 people answered with the winner being Luke Bryan. 

Take the quiz and add your guess! 


Get ready to find out soon who will be performing because today, Cat Country 107.3 announced, that on Tuesday the 17th, they will be broadcasting live from Wildwood where they will name the country star that will be in Wildwood.


The details we know so far are this,

It will be a 4 day event

It will take place over July 4th Weekend


Please tune back for more information as soon as we can get it for you!


Below is a clip of Cat Country 107.3’s two announcements Part 1 and Part 2 

Part 2 Below

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