Cranes Are Removing Parts Of Sea Serpent

Cranes Are Removing Parts Of Sea Serpent

Cranes Are Removing Parts Of Sea Serpent

We have some breaking news coming out on the boardwalk. 

Today a few cranes were Seen being set up on Moreys Mariners  Pier.

The cranes arrived on the beach earlier this morning around sunrise. They were set up in a position to hang over the lift hill of the sea serpent roller coaster. 

Our sources have confirmed that This off-season Moreys will be replacing portions of the Sea Serpent. More specifically lift hill two of the coaster is the section being replaced. 

Lift hill two is the right side of the coaster. On this lift hill the train pulls you up to the top and shoot you backwards. 

Currently we do not have a timeline on when this project will be completed. We are very happy that the sea serpent isn’t going anywhere. 

Tune back in for more information. 

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