Goodbye Morey’s SkyRide!

Back in 1997 Morey’s “Wild Wheels,” which is today’s Adventure pier, introduced a new chairlift ride called The Skyride. You would board this ride towards the front of the pier and it would take you high in the sky to the back of the pier and back.

This ride was operational on the pier until the mid 2010s when Morey’s decided to get rid of them. A few seasons had passed with the ride still being in place but with no operation.

The physical chairs were removed and placed under the pier as Moreys were hoping to sell the ride. A few years later the main poles that held the guide-wires were removed leaving only the loading platform and the machinery.

Today we report that the machinery has been removed from the pier and placed next to it. (See Photos Below).

Goodbye Morey’s SkyRide!

Goodbye Morey’s SkyRide!

Goodbye Morey’s SkyRide!

It’s sad to see this ride fully go but we hope that something awesome will take its place! You can check out a video of what it felt like to be on the ride below. 

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