Hunt’s Pier 1988

There aren’t a lot of videos of Wildwood NJ’s Hunt’s Pier. This might be 1 of te only 1s of the whole pier. This video was filmed in the summer of 1988 which was the last summer the original Hunt’s Pier was around. A year later The Flyer, Iron Horse, Hot Rods, & Jungleland were all gone. Within the next few years. Everything else went too. The only thing left today of the original pier is the Golden Nugget which is currently not in use. (Video Courtesy of

Video By: Patrick Ennis

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My name is Joey Contino. I am a big lover of anything Wildwood. I have lived and worked in Wildwood my whole life. I worked jobs from working on the beach renting umbrellas and chairs to being a supervisor at Morey's Piers. Wildwood is my life and my home!

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    Cam Moody

    I remember the Golden Nugget and the walk throughSkua. This was my Disneyworld, and the Hunts were right up there providing great amusements that kept us a part of the ” Magic Kingdom”.


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