Morey’s Piers To Get New Coaster

It was recently announced at Winter Adventure 2017 on December 19th that Morey’s Piers will be adding a new roller coaster to their family.

For those who do not know, “Winter Adventure” is a American Coaster Enthusiasts meeting to go over new and exciting things in the amusement industry. This year Morey’s Piers gave an update on what to expect this summer.

Called the “Wild Whizzer,” it is a family coaster that will be located on Mariner’s Landing Pier. IT will cost 5 tickets to ride.

We have a few photos and a video of what the ride will look like. The ride is custom to Morey’s Piers and will have a beach theme to go with it.

The first photo shows what one of the trains will look like.

The Second photo shows what the ride’s signage will look like.

Here’s the icing on the cake! Below is a video of what the ride is!

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