The Wildwood Restaurant In… Myrtle Beach?

The Wildwood Restaurant In… Myrtle Beach?

The Wildwood Restaurant In… Myrtle Beach?

We had family and friends who visited Myrtle Beach South Carolina last week and came back with an interesting story.

They were driving down North Myrtle Beach’ main highway, Highway 17S, when they ran into a familiar logo.

Right on the corner of Hwy 17s and 34th street they saw the recognizable “W” logo from our Wildwood sign.

It turns out that the sign was advertising for Jimmy B’s Wildwood Bar & Grill. That’s right, there is a bar with the name of Wildwood in Myrtle Beach.

Now “Wildwood” is a common name across America including a Wildwood Lake in New York and Wildwood in Florida but it turned out that this did have a Wildwood NJ connection.

It turns out that it’s owner, Jimmy B, is from the area and wanted to bring a bit of Wildwood with him when he moved.

We reached out to Jimmy for comment but unfortunately we didn’t get a responce.

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