This Is Why We Are Seeing Many Seals On The NJ Beaches

This Is Why We Are Seeing Many Seals On The NJ Beaches

This Is Why We Are Seeing Many Seals On The NJ Beaches

Over the past few weeks there have been many seal spottings through-out Cape May County. Most recently one of our Instagram followers, Lauren K, sent us a photo of a seal that was taking a break out of the water on the Jefferson ave beach in Wildwood Crest.

NJ Marine Mammals were called and cleared that the seal, which was a pup, was fine and was just resting. This led to us thinking, “why are we seeing so many seals in winter time.

We reached out to Marine Mammal Stranding Center who said that this season the year having an influx of Arctic Harp Seals through-out the state.

Arctic Harp Seals get their name from the dark harp-shaped pattern on their back that forms in their adult coat. This species is most commonly found dwelling on the ice packs in the North Atlantic and Arctic Oceans, but have been known to travel as far south as Virginia in the winter.

While making their trips down South or North many of these seals make a stop on our beaches for a nice rest after a marathon of a swim from the Arctic waters.

A warning from the MMSC who says that if you see a seal give them at least 150 of personal space.  Give MMSC a call via their 24/7 hotline and they will send someone out to make sure the seal is ok. There number is 609-266-0538

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