2017 “Wildwood Days” Song Version

If you noticed this summer there was a new version of Bobby Rydell’s famous hit song, “Wildwood Days” playing on commercials and some parts of the Boardwalk. We wanted to take a quick little poll and see how you like the new version and if you think we should keep it or drop it.

In the history of Bobby Rydell’s “Wildwood Days” there have only been three different versions of the song played. The original of course is Rydell with the second being a variation of the song with the words “oh those Wildwood days” being changed for “Love those Wildwood days.”

In this video below you will hear first the “Love those Wildwood days” version followed by the 2017 “Wildwood Days” version.

We have a poll below here that we want you to take AFTER you are done listening to the 2017 version. It starts at :31.

Do You Like The 2017 "Wildwood Days" Song Version

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