A Look Inside A North Wildwood Mansion

There are a hand full of houses on the island that you wish you could see what it looks like inside.

Last week we gave you the inside look on the Wildwood Crest mansion located at 6000 Atlantic Ave (the corner of Aster Road and Atlantic Avenue)

If you would like to see those photos then click the link below.

A Look Inside A Wildwood Crest Mansion

Today we are moving North into North Wildwood to view another mansion.

Located at 416 Spruce Ave North Wildwood, this mansion is almost like the younger sister to the one in Wildwood Crest.

For the past 4 years if you had driven into North Wildwood you passed by it and the large construction taking place at the former Zaberer’s lot, now called Paradise Cove.

The architects on the job, TJD Architects, were nice enough to post some progress construction photos of the property.

Now you can finally see what the inside looks like. Let us know what you think!


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