A New Wildwood Nightclub Is Opening

Summer is in full swing but NEW things are still starting to open up!

We are so excited to announce that a NEW night club is opening in the Wildwoods.

Club Amnesia is a new Dance Club and Bar that will open at 3700 Pacific Ave, right next to the Shamrock.

For those who don’t know, the Shamrock was two buildings. The right side was the bar and cafe and the left side was an extension. Club Amnesia has rebuilt the inside of the extension and added in a new bar, new walls and a $20,000 light and sound system. There is no opening date as of yet but stay tuned.

Check out the construction photos below.

Also for those who haven’t visited that part of Pacific Avenue in a while, you need to check out the Castaways Pirate Bar. This bar is on the same block as Club Amnesia and the Shamrock and features a really cool pirate theme including a pirate ship.

They had purchased the old Capt J.W. boat and started converting it into a pirate ship.

Check out those photos of the boat below

So what do you think? Do you like the new night club and do you think the Castaways Pirate Bar is cool? Comment on our Facebook link!

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