Inside Look at The Inlet North Wildwood renovation.

Over the course of the past few years, The Inlet North Wildwood, which dropped the “On Olde,” has been going through a transformation and rebrand.

Besides a new name, new food options and a revamped upper-bar, the lower bar received a full renovation.

This was a project we had been covering in our monthly “Wildwoods Construction Updates.” If you would like to see our latest construction update (which includes 12+ places) then click the link below.

Wildwood Construction Projects – April 2021

We first broke the story on The Inlet North Wildwood’s renovation all the way back in January. They uploaded mock-up photos of the blueprints that do not give the finished project justice.

While we haven’t seen the renovations in person, the photos they uploaded to Facebook yesterday shows us a beautiful upscale bar area. (See photos at the bottom).

Their new design increased the indoor eating area and bar capacity. We did lose the lower outdoor seating area but the upper bar’s deck is big enough.

We wish The Inlet North Wildwood the best of luck!!! Check out the photos below.

Inside Look at The Inlet North Wildwood’s Renovated Bar

Inside Look at The Inlet North Wildwood’s Renovated Bar

On a side note, The Inlet is one of the few Gluten Friendly restaurants in the Wildwoods. We only mention this as we get asked this question more times then you think.

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