Answering “What’s The Giant Fence On The Beach

Answering “What’s The Giant Fence On The Beach

Answering “What’s The Giant Fence On The Beach?”

We have been getting tons of questions about something very unfamiliar located on the beach.

For those who have no idea what we are talking about. Roughly three weeks ago construction crews took to the Wildwood beaches to build a fenced in area from Glenwood Ave to Wildwood Ave. The fence takes up what looks to be a few football sized areas and have two openings.

After the photos started making their ways online people have been coming up with some interesting guesses on what it could be. From a secret winter concert to an area to put wild horses in, we heard them all. Here’s the truth behind it.

North Wildwood is looking to have their beaches replenished this spring. Just like last year they plan on taking sand from Wildwood and bringing it all the way to 3rd-11th street.

This fenced in area will be storing the sand until the spring when the construction crews will be able to move it.

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