August 7th Storm Photos – Part 1

As you may know, yesterday we were hit extremely hard with rain and thunder and lighting through-out the entire Cape May County.

We asked many of you to send us your storm photos to share with the world and boy did you send in some AMAZING photos.

I know I’ve said it with our last storm but I think this one takes the cake. This storm felt very much like the upside down universe in the Netflix show, “Stranger Things.” I think the photos and videos will speak for themselves.

Note, the article is broken down into two parts. Click The Link On The Bottom Of The Page For Part 2 of the Photos! 

A.J. D’Aurizio

Anthony B

Audrey Murray

Becky Konkle

Dave Dietz‎

Dawn Emerman


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Hilary Colon 2

Hilary Colon

Hilary Colon

Jeannie Wildonger-Kilian

Click Below for Part 2! 

Part 2