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Barstool Sports’ Dave Portnoy Donates To Local Animal Shelter

Barstool Sports’ Dave Portnoy Donates To Local Animal Shelter

Dave Portnoy, the charismatic founder of Barstool Sports, is widely recognized for his pizza reviews, podcasts, and bold personality.

However, in recent times, he’s gained attention for a different reason – his beloved furry companion, Peaches.

Barstool Sports' Dave Portnoy Donates To Local Animal Shelter

Barstool Sports’ Dave Portnoy Donates To Local Animal Shelter

Peaches, a six-year-old American pit bull, has stolen not only Portnoy’s heart but also the affection of social media users worldwide.

Describing her as an “angel,” Portnoy expressed his love for Peaches during a recent appearance on “Fox & Friends,” with the grey and brown pooch comfortably settled in his lap.

Miss Peaches’ journey to fame began when she was rescued by the LifeLine Animal Project in Atlanta, along with 26 other dogs.

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These animals, including Peaches, had suffered neglect, and hoarding, and were part of a breeding situation. Moved by her story, Portnoy flew to Atlanta to bring her home, stating, “She went from outhouse to penthouse.”

With an Instagram following skyrocketing to over a million, Miss Peaches has become the fastest-growing Barstool social media account.

Portnoy is leveraging this platform to support the LifeLine Animal Project by selling merchandise featuring Peaches’ face on Barstool Sports’ online store. Proceeds from these sales are then donated to local animal shelters across the country.

To determine the recipient of the first donation, interested organizations were instructed to email the LifeLine Animal Project for consideration. The lucky winner was Beacon Animal Rescue located in Upper Township, New Jersey.

Portnoy and Miss Peaches reached out to Jillian Shoffler, a volunteer at Beacon, to share the good news via FaceTime. Lucky for us Portnoy recorded the video to share on social media. (You can watch the video at the bottom of the page)

The call was shared on several social media profiles and platforms, garnering over 5.2 million views and over 400,000 likes within just two days.

This act of generosity not only highlights Portnoy’s love for animals but also sheds light on the importance of adoption and supporting local shelters.

To donate to Beacon Animal Rescue click HERE.