Beach Creek Dredging Project Ramping Up In North Wildwood

Back during our October Construction project update video, one of the projects we highlighted was the Beach Creek Dredging Project.

The Project called for NJDOT’s contractor, Wickberg Marine, to dredge The Beach Creek channel so that it would have a depth of six feet.

The Beach Creek channel is located at the back bay of North Wildwood and is a through access between the Hereford Inlet and Wildwood.

Over the past year, much sand and other material had made certain sections of the creek too shallow, even during high tides.

The $900,000 project started last week and looks to dredge 13,000 cubic yards.

In a press release sent out on November 8th, the State said that the “sand will be hydraulically dredged during an outgoing tide only and discharged directly into the Inlet, where it will be carried by the tide to replenish the Inlet’s sand islands.”

Many believe that this sand could be carried via the tide and potentially help replenish some of the Inlet’s sand islands. In terms, this means that sand could find its way onto our beaches. This would help with some sand replenishment since the state will not allow the city of North Wildwood to dredge the Inlet.

Mariners should be advised that State Aids to Navigation will be removed from the mouth of the Beach Creek channel as necessary for the duration of the project. All mariners, including those utilizing human-powered craft, should be especially alert to project pipeline routes and crossings.

NJDOT reminds us that “pipelines can often be difficult to see on the water, and boaters should proceed through dredging maintenance and construction zones with the utmost caution.”

The end date of the project is late November.

Stay tuned for more details.

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