Come join North Wildwood as they host the 47th annual Beschen-Callahan Memorial Lifeguard Race.

This year the steaks are higher then ever. With Avalon winning last year, Wildwood is pushing hard to take it back this year. The race is being held on Friday July 17th at 6PM. The races will run about two (2) hours long and are located at the  beach at 15th Avenue in North Wildwood, New Jersey.

For those who have not heard of this annual event, (Beschen-Callahan Memorial Lifeguard Race) explains the history of the race as,

“The North Wildwood Beach Patrol held the 1st Beschen-Callahan Memorial Lifeguard Races in 1969. These races were originated by Beach Director “Raz” D’Amico and Captain Doug DeWeese to honor James Beschen and Michael Callahan, two former lifeguards who gave their lives for their country in Vietnam”

There are six (6) races that make up the Beschen-Callahan Memorial Lifeguard Race. Those races are, Double Row, Swimming, Rescue Board, Surf Dash, Singles Row and Can Run. The races are free to anyone if they want to make the trip to the beach. Just make sure you bring a chair and a blanket.


Here are last year’s results brought to you by; Press of Atlantic City

Doubles Row: Avalon (Matt Wolf-Jacon Enright) 6:37; Sea Isle 6:41; Wildwood 6:43; Stone Harbor 6:52.

Swim: Kevin Gill, Upper Twp 9:18; John Gregory, Avalon 9:31; Hayley Edwards, Stone Harbor 9:35; Jesse Fallon, Sea Isle 9:39.

Rescue Board: Jeff Buyse, Sea Isle 5:37; Kevin Kelly, Crest; Pat McVan, N. Wildwood; Kurt Kircher, Stone Harbor.

Surf Dash: Crest (Terry McGovern, Cameron Airgood, Brett Peterson, Gabe Keown) 2:57; Stone Harbor 3:04; Avalon 3:10; Upper Twp. 3:12.

Singles Row: Erich Wolf, Avalon 3:50.50; John O’Neil, Upper; Darrick Kobierowski, Wildwood; Zac Campbell, Stone Harbor.

Can Run: Anthony Richardson, Avalon 1:13; Gabe Keown, Crest 1:14; Pat McVan, N. Wildwood 1:17; Kevin Gill, Upper 1:18.

Good luck to all the teams that will be participating in the Beschen-Callahan Memorial Lifeguard Races. Becasue we are a Wildwood based website I will have to say, “Go Wildwood”. Also understand we support all of our Wildwood Lifeguards no matter what part of Wildwood they are from.

If you want more information about the races or if you want to know if they are cancelled due to inclement weather, please call 609.522.7500.