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Boat Beached In North Wildwood

To start this story off, everyone on board the ship was fine and no one was injured. 

At 6:30am this morning, as we were going for our early morning walk, we saw in the distance a strange object on the beach. As we moved in closed a ship’s outline started to appear.  By the time we got closer and was able to see more of the boat, we noticed a few people walking back and forth from it so we went over to see what happened.

Lucky for us the people who were there was the boat’s captain and his family. (In the photo below you can see them taking their luggage off the boat) The captain, who name we are going to leave out, told us what happened.

Last night around 8pm, his family and him left Stone Harbor for little cruise. Around 9pm his ship lost power to it’s engine. Instead of drifting out to sea, the captain made the decision that it would be safer to get the boat to dry land. After alerting the coast guard, he ran the ship aground in North Wildwood.

Check out the photos below!  


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