Boat Raised In Cape May

Boat Raised In Cape May

Boat Raised In Cape May

Today In Cape May Harbor a long forgotten boat was finally removed from the harbor floor.

Nor’easter II was a 46 foot Charter Boat that could accommodate 18 passengers. It sailed from the South Jersey Marina located in Cape May, NJ. She was owner by the now late Capt. Adams who passed in 2015 due to a sudden heart attack.

In 2015 after Capt. Adams passed the boat sat in it’s place. After months of it taking on water it sank to the bottom of the harbor. The boat has had multiple attempts on resurfacing it but all had failed. Over time it became a navigation hazard.

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With years of it being underwater and with no one able to take ownership of the boat the city stepped in to pulled the boat out of the water.

Today Sea Tow Cape May and the Northstar Marine remove the Nor’easter II one piece at a time. Check out their video below.

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