Boat Runs Aground in North Wildwood

There is some breaking news coming out of North Wildwood today.

According to multiple sources on the scene,  roughly around 12:30 p.m. a 24 ft passenger boat ran aground at the 13th Street beach. Those sources say that the boat was running at a fast speed before blowing into the sand, just missing people swimming.

North Wildwood Beach patrol and North Wildwood Police were on the scene within minutes of the grounding.

There were no injuries reported to those on the boat and those on the beach.

This is been a strange week for transportation accidents just yesterday a banner plane had to make an emergency landing on the 9th Street bridge in Ocean City New Jersey.

If you would like to read that article click the link below.

Banner Plane Makes Emergency Landing In Ocean City

Check out some of the photos of the accident below. 

Boat Runs Aground in North Wildwood

Boat Runs Aground in North Wildwood

Above photos by Terri Lloyd