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Cape May Sunset Cruise (Vlog)

Cape May Sunset Cruise (Vlog)

Cape May Sunset Cruise (Vlog)

Cape May Sunset Cruise (Vlog)

Many families when they make their way to the Wildwoods plan out their activities in advance. Some activities may be things you do every single time you come down or things you never tried before.

Once a year, as a family, we take a sunset cruise around Cape May. This tour is a 2 hour trip which is a combination of half dolphin watching and half sunset watching.

For our trip we went with Starlight Fleet located in Wildwood Crest. I wanted to bring my camera along so I can share with you our experience.

The ship’s path is clock-wise around Cape May and ending with a trip up the Cape May Canal.

On this trip it was quite ugly out due to an earlier storm but there is beauty even in the darkest of days, as you will see in this video.

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