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Cape May Zoo To Close World of Birds Aviary

Cape May Zoo To Close World of Birds Aviary

The Cape May Zoo, located in Cape May Court House, New Jersey, is a popular destination for visitors to the Jersey Shore. Home to more than 550 animals representing over 250 species, the zoo is a must-see for families, animal lovers, and anyone interested in nature and conservation.

Founded in 1978 as a small collection of animals in a park, the Cape May Zoo has since grown into a world-class facility that is both entertaining and educational.

The zoo is known for its spacious habitats that provide a comfortable environment for the animals, as well as for its commitment to conservation and education.

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Cape May Zoo To Close World of Birds Aviary

Cape May Zoo To Close World of Birds Aviary

The zoo is also involved in several conservation initiatives, including a breeding program for endangered species such as the Amur leopard and the cotton-top tamarin.

The zoo also participates in research and education programs and works to raise awareness about the importance of conservation and protecting wildlife.

One of the highlights of the zoo is the Bird Aviary. There, visitors can view a variety of bird species from around the world.

Last Month, the Cape May Zoo announced on Facebook that the World of Birds Aviary would be closing for good.

Their message went on to say, “With sadness for the present, but excitement for the future, we are announcing that the World of Birds aviary will be permanently closing its doors this spring. As one of the oldest attractions at the Zoo, 25 years of tropical conditions has taken its toll on the building, and necessary maintenance and repairs have become unsustainable.”

While the news has been met with sadness, the zoo promises that the birds will continue to receive the same world-class care at their new homes, thanks to the support of accredited zoos and aquariums across the country.

Over the next few weeks, each bird will undergo medical testing to ensure their health and well-being before being transferred to their new homes.

The process of relocation is a delicate and complex one, but the zoo is committed to ensuring that the birds receive the best care possible.

The last day to see these birds at the Zoo will be on May 1st. After that, the building will be closed.

The decommissioning and removal of the aviary building will be a significant process, creating some inconvenience and disruption in the heart of the zoo. However, the zoo assures its visitors that the new habitats will be well worth it, promising an even more engaging and immersive experience for all.

As the zoo bids farewell to an old friend, it remains committed to its mission of providing a safe and welcoming environment for animals and visitors alike.

The Cape May County Zoo is a cherished destination for families and animal lovers, and its dedication to excellence will continue to draw crowds for years to come.