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Captain Rescues Sinking Crew – OCMD

Captain Rescues Sinking Crew – OCMD

This didn’t occur off the New Jersey coastline but it’s such a great story and video that we had to share it.

The 48th annual White Marlin Open started yesterday off the coast of Ocean City Maryland. The event sees over 400 boats fight it out in the sea to see who can catch the biggest White Marlin.

Eight million dollars is at stake so every boater was reeling to find a keeper.

Halfway through the day, the fishing boat, ”Knot Stressin’,” was 60 miles offshore when they started having mechanical problems which caused their boat to take on water.

They radioed a mayday call out to the Coast Guard who was a little bit away.

A nearby boat, “Fish Bone,” looked up the location and knew that they could get there faster than the Coast Guard.

By the time they got there, the boat had been encapsulated with water and its crew was in a lifeboat.

Just moments after the crew made it onto the “Fish Bone,” the ”Knot Stressin’,” slipped under the waves.

The entire thing was caught on camera. Check out the video below.

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