Concrete Ship’s Sister Ship Falls Apart

Here’s something you may have not known, the Concrete Ship’s Sister Ship. The concrete ship in Cape May, SS Atlantus, wasn’t the only ship built out of concrete in World War I. President Woodrow Wilson ordered X amount of these Emergency Fleet ships to be built for the War. By the time they were completed though World War I had ended and the ships were used until 1920 to return troops back the United States.

Twelve (12) of these concrete ships were built from 1918 – 1918 with our ship, SS Atlantus, being the second (2nd) made. The SS Atlantus’ sister ship, SS Palo Alto, was built right after her. Here’s a little back ground history on the SS Palo Alto.

SS Palo Alto was put up for sale in 1929, when she was bought by the Seacliff SS Palo AltoAmusement Corporation and towed to Seacliff State Beach in Aptos, California. The Seacliff Amusement Corporation sank the SS Palo Alto in very shallow waters off the coast of the beach and built a long pier to her. The purchase of was this was so they would transform her into an amusement ship. According to records the, SS Palo Alto had amenities such as a dance floor, a swimming pool and a café.

Finally for why I wrote this article. The SS Atlantus’ sister ship, SS Palo Alto, was in the news recently.

SS Palo Alto

SS Palo Alto

After almost 87 years of the ship staying intact the recent storms in Seacliff State Beach has ripped the front end of the ship over on it’s side. The videos and pictures are amazing to look at.


Attached below in the video of how the ship looks now.

Thank you to Archer Koch for filming this video of the ship.

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