Could N. Wildwood Lose the Italian Festival?

Could N. Wildwood Lose the Italian Festival?


Could N. Wildwood Lose the Italian Festival?

There was an interesting article that was floated around in the Cape May Herald about the future of the North Wildwood Italian Festival.

North Wildwood Italian Festival is a stable event that takes place roughly around the third weekend in June. For the past 25 years the event has been sponsored by Knights of Columbus Council 2572.

This branch of the Knights of Columbus has been around since the 1940s and started the Italian Festival back in 1994.

The current president of the Council 2572 announced a few weeks back that they will not be able to sponsor the festival anymore due to a “lack of volunteers.”

Grand Knight, Joseph R. Rogowski, Jr., reached out to the city to announce that they wouldn’t be able to host anymore and that he hopes that the city continues the tradition.

As of now the festival is without a host. It’s up to the city to find a new one or put it on for themselves.

Tune back in for more information.

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