Could The Wildwoods Combine Into One Town??

Recently there has been an article floating around from that talks about a recommendation from a research group  that says 191 small towns in New Jersey could, one day, combine into a larger town. We decided to break this down and get input from our Mayors.

Just a recap on the article.

New Jersey lawmakers hired “The Economic and Fiscal Policy Working Group,” to put together recommendations that could help New Jersey’s state and local tax structure. They were hired to look at every and any possible situation that could help save tax payer money.

Some of those suggestions are to cut some public workers health care and pensions, increase tolls and to consolidate cities whose population hits less than 5,000.

In that 5,000 persons requirement, West Wildwood (500 residents), North Wildwood (3,200 residents) and Wildwood Crest (3,943 residents) fall under that benchmark. If this recommendation were to be taken by the state our four towns would be consolidated into one. 

I decided to reach out to the mayors of Wildwood Crest, North Wildwood and West Wildwood for comments to see if they were reached out to about this recommendation.

Don Cabrera, Wildwood Crest Mayor;

“My office has not been made aware of any formal discussions like this by the State. However, I am aware of the article and at first pass consider it the concept to be more of a political talking point. While consolidation and merging makes sense in the long term,  the concept of merging with a larger town because they are larger makes no sense. WILDWOOD CREST is a small well ran, progressive community, fiscally stable, low taxes, with great services and programs for our residents not to mention the best administrative staff in our area. Merging just to merge would not help our community unless the Crest was in a lead role. These are the details the higher ups really need to focus on. I am happy to help if that time comes.”

Patrick Rosenello, North Wildwood Mayor

“I am always open to suggestions to make local government more efficient.  However, with North Wildwood holding the distinction of having the lowest average property taxes of any coastal town in New Jersey, I would need to understand the net benefit to our residents before offering an opinion on this specific proposal.”

We didn’t here back from West wildwood but will update you once we do.

 We want to know what you think of the recommendation?

Comment below.

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