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COVID 19 City of North Wildwood Update

COVID 19 City of North Wildwood Update

COVID 19 City of North Wildwood Update

COVID 19 City of North Wildwood Update

Here’s a letter Patrick Rosenello, Mayor of North Wildwood, sent out.

While we are all keeping up with the national news, as it relates to COVID 19, I wanted to share some information specific to the City of North Wildwood.

  1. We are fortunate that due to stringent fiscal management, we are in the position to significantly delay payment of monies owed to the City. To that end we are announcing the following payment schedules:

  1. We will be extending the First Sewer Payment Due Date to June 30th. The subsequent due dates will be as follows: 8/30, 9/30, 12/1.

B. We are waiting on guidance from the State of New Jersey with regard to the Property Tax Bills. We will extend the due date on Property Taxes to the extent allowed by the State.

C. Mercantile Licenses for businesses are extended to June 30th.

2. All City Departments are up and running. Although all of our public buildings are closed to the public, you can reach all of our departments via phone or email.

3. Our City Council and Planning Board Meetings are taking place via Zoom. Please check the City website for a link and instructions on how to access these meetings remotely.

4. Our beaches and boardwalk remain open to the public. I urge everyone to strictly adhere to proper social distancing when using these resources.

5. We are continuing with vital public infrastructure projects. Most important, we are actively working to reinforce our dune system as part of our sand back passing project. If you are accessing the beach between 2nd-26th during regular work hours, please know that there is a lot of heavy equipment operating on the beach.

6. Lastly, thanks to everyone who has reached out via comments on Facebook or who has emailed me directly. I would remind everyone to be respectful of everyone else in the comments on these posts. We will be monitoring comments and false or offensive information and comments will be removed.

7. If you have specific questions or concerns that you need me to respond to, please do not put them in the comment section on these posts. Please email them directly to me at Prosenello@NorthWildwood.Com. I will respond to all emails.

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