Bud Tarbotton North Wildwood Beach Patrol Around The Island Row took place on Wednesday August 12. It was rescheduled from Tuesday August 11th due to storms and rough sea conditions in the area.

The twenty (20) mile row around the Wildwood Island started at seven (7)am at North Wildwood’s 1st and Surf Avenue and ended at North Wildwood’s 15th street beach. Wildwood lifeguard, Darrick Kobierowski and Wildwood Crest alumni, Terry McGovern wanted to take the win for the second year in a row but had stiff compilation ahead of them.

Twenty (20) other crews wanted to fight for the win but only one was able to make it through as the winners. For the second year in a row, Darrick Kobierowski and Terry McGovern won the Around The Island Row with the time of 2 hours, 26 minutes, 55 seconds. It was a close race with The Avalon’s crew, Shane McGrath and Craig Whitehead.

Overall all of our life guards have done an amazing job this year. To be able to row twenty (20) miles is incredible. It takes tons of hard work and dedication to be able to do such a feat. Great job everyone and keep up the great work!


Brian Cunniff Around The Island Row

Photo (and copyrights) by Brian Cunniff


Here is the list of the results (Brought to you by The Press of Atlantic City)


1. Wildwood-Wildwood Crest alumnus (Darrick Kobierowski-Terry McGovern) 2:36:55;

2. Avalon (Craig Whitehead-Shane McGrath) 2:37:30;

3. Margate alumnus-Longport alumnus (Carl Smallwood Jr.-B.J. Fox) 2:38:36;

4. Wildwood (John Livingstone-Steve McGuinn) 2:41:08;

5. Cape May-Cape May alumnus (Geoff Rife-Jim Wadlow) 2:41:45;

6. Upper Township alumnus-Wildwood alumnus (Wayne MacMurray-Bill Kindle) 2:43:15;

7. Cape May-Cape May alumnus (Steve Kowalik-Ed Giordano) 2:43:53;

8. Ventnor alumni (Dennis Funk-George Miller) 2:44:26;

9. Margate (Shane Dickson-Hunter Pizagno) 2:45:06;

10. Wildwood Crest (Austin Neri-T.J. Kuhar) 2:45:29.


For More information on this year’s “Bud Tarbotton North Wildwood Beach Patrol Around The Island Row”, please call 609-522-7500.


The main photo used as the cover photo (at top) is photographed and copyrighted by photographer Brian Cunniff.