Did You Know Elton John Once Sang in Wildwood?

Did You Know Elton John Once Sang in Wildwood?

Did You Know Elton John Once Sang in Wildwood?

The history of Wildwood is extremely fascinating and truly never stops amazing me. From time to time I learn something new that I have to share with you and this is one story I think you would like to hear.

For those who don’t know, Wildwood used to attract top of the line A-list performers. Just to name a few, Stevie Wonder performed at the “Elmira Club” (Schellenger and Atlantic Ave), Marvin Gaye and The Supremes performed at the Riptide (Oak Ave), Ella Fitzgerald performed at the Surf Club (Cedar and Atlantic aves), Frankie Valli and Smokey Robinson performed at the Stardust, KISS performed at the old Wildwoods Convention Center… I think you get the point.

Wildwood was known from the 50s through the 70s as ‘Little Las Vegas‘ or the “Las Vegas of the East.” Many famous people would try their acts here and if they made here they moved on the Vegas.

What I learned today was that Sir Elton John once performed in the Wildwood. Turns out it took place today, August 27th 1971 at the old Wildwood Convention Center. It was apart of his Tumbleweed Connection Tour. He played two sold out shows that day with tickets starting at $5.50.

How cool right? Did you get to see Elton John in Wildwood?

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Photo credit by: Psychic-Angelo DiSipio