This year the 15th annual bar crawl will be better then ever.  The Erin Express Bar Crawl will start at 7pm on March 12th and will consist of 11 bars throughout Wildwood.  Make sure you purchase the five (5) dollar wristband for the Erin Express bus. We want everyone to be safe and do not drive! 


Here are the bars that will be in the Erin Express. 


Flip Flopz’ Bar and Grill 106 W. Spruce Ave., North Wildwood

Shamrock Café 3700 Pacific Ave., Wildwood

Mullgian’s Shore Bar and Grill, 310 W. Hildreth Ave., Wildwood

Goodnight Irene’s Brew Pub 2709 Pacific Ave., Wildwood

Old City Pub 3301 Atlantic Ave., Wildwood

Breakers 3401 New Jersey Ave., 107, Wildwood

Wetsy’s Irish Pub 101 E Walnut Ave., North Wildwood

Cattle n’ Clover 3817 Pacific Ave., Wildwood

Keenan’s Irish Pub 113 Olde New Jersey Ave., North Wildwood

Anglesea Pub 116 W. First Ave., North Wildwood

Owen’s Pub 119 E. Seventeenth Ave., North Wildwood


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Here is a video from The Erin Express in 2009

Coastal Broadcasting’s Erin Express 2009 from FYI South Jersey on Vimeo.