Explaining The New 5G Poles In The Wildwoods

In the past few weeks we have been receiving many concerning emails about “these new strange poles that are going up around the city.” Let’s take a minute to talk about what they are.

For those who come down here just for a few days may also experience the same poor cell phone reception we have year round.

Since we live on a barrier island, the closest cell phone towers are on land with the exception of those on the water towers.

During the summer this creates a bottleneck and caused many calls to fail or for service to slow down. You most likely experienced this when trying to go live on Facebook or Youtube via your phone during the Friday Night Fireworks.

As we move forward from just using phones for calls towards streaming our lives 24/7, this puts a burden on those towers.

To fix this companies like Verizon Wireless have been going to shore towns and requesting to add 5G poles. These poles, named nodes, work by transmitting broadband wireless signals across a network divided into hexagonal “cells.” This division of the network allows for phones and devices to switch from tower to tower maximizing capacity. With millimeter wave technology, more people will be able to use the network at once. Aka, They strengthen coverage and data transfer speeds where devices would otherwise compete for bandwidth. 

This technology is installed at the very top of the poles to reach over the houses and to communicate with other nodes.

Back in March, the North Wildwood city council approved the construction of these nodes by Munisite Networks.

Munisite Networks has been the leader in Cape May County for such work. They will be installing 30 of these nodes throughout the city of North Wildwood.

In the photo to the right you can see the placement of all of these nodes.

You will see some of these poles in a few different configurations; on top of an existing pole, on a newly installed pole or on a blue decorated pole.

All three of them do the same thing, it’s just a matter of cost and location.

These poles are also being installed in the city of Wildwood. If you every went behind the WAWA on Rio Grande Ave, you would have seen one that also had lights on it.

For those wanting more information on the poles, you can check out Verizon Wireless’ website link HERE.

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