Famous Wildwood Boardwalk Statue Being Removed

Over the weekend we uploaded an article online talking about the iconic Morey’s Piers statue that was damaged by the weather. This is an update to that article since many rumors were going around.

In that article, which you can read by clicking HERE, we noted seeing debris rolling down the boardwalk. It was this debris that led us to find that statue in a damaged state.

For those who can’t recall this statue, it’s a giant beach ball on a column with Morey’s mascot “Sunny” waving down to visitors.

Sunny’s statue is located at Morey’s Mariner’s Pier right at the front of the pier above “La Bakerie.”

This statue was introduced on the pier in the mid-1990s as a replacement for another statue that sat just behind it. That statue featured one of Morey’s older mascots, Percy the Pelican. (You can see a photo of that statue in the video at the bottom of the article)

When the Sunny statue was first built in the 1990s, it was a bit different. The original statue featured a tan circle, or globe, with a Mariner holding on to a ship’s wheel. On the globe was the Morey’s Piers logo. (See Photo).

Famous Wildwood Boardwalk Statue Being Removed

Famous Wildwood Boardwalk Statue Being Removed

This lasted until 2006 when Morey’s renovated the statue by painting it to look like a beach ball and adding Sunny to the top.

It has been painted a few times over the years but it looks like mother nature has had the last laugh.

After doing some digging we found that this status is being fully removed by Morey’s Piers and will NOT be coming back!

There are no plans for a replacement nor plans for any other statue at this time. This is one Wildwood Boardwalk landmark that will only be in the history books.

Check out our video below as we document it being removed.