Fixing The Wildwood Boardwalk

In one of our Wildwood Facebook pages someone asked us how does the Wildwood Boardwalk get fixed?

From time to time our Wildwood Boardwalk starts to show it’s age. Some report bouncing boards or boards that are no longer attached to the main beam. Being that Millions travel to our amazing boardwalk we expect some wear and tear.

Today I have the privilege to show you what it looks like when a part of the boardwalk has to be repaired.

This past summer there was a section of the boardwalk right out side Sportland Pier (23rd and the boardwalk) that was a little bouncy. The works department created a fix to make it safe for the summer but now that it’s winter it’s time to fix it.

They were able to rip up the section of boardwalk to see that one of the main beams was in need of repair.

In the video below we explore this hole in the video and give you an idea on how they fix the Wildwood Boardwalk.

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