Getting Pooped On Via Seagulls Proven To Give You Luck

Getting Pooped On Via Seagulls Proven To Give You Luck

Getting Pooped On Via Seagulls Proven To Give You Luck

There is some breaking news coming out of the institute of bird Scatology. For the past forty years scientists have been working long nights to find the definitive proof that getting pooped on by a seagull is good luck.

Back in 1980, Dr Joseph A Scufoni observed a man on a South Jersey beach get pooped on via a Laughing Gull. These types of gulls or seagulls are native to North and South America. They are mostly found along beach towns.

This man. who had just been pooped up, was noticeably upset. As he went to walk into the water to get the feces off his head, he noticed a $100 bill on the sand.

Dr. Scufoni was confounded on how this man, who had just got pooped on, could suddenly gain luck simply out of thin air. It then because his life’s work to find a connection been getting pooped on and luck.

Today the institute of bird Scatology is proud to say that they indeed found a connection.

After running many trials, which include over 300 participants, Dr. Scufoni and the scientists have determined that getting pooped by seagulls will bring you luck 99% of the time.

Out of the 300 participants who were willing pooped on, 299 where given luck in some kind of aspect in their lives.

ok, yea, by now you are realizing that this is not a real article, well I hope you realized that.

I wanted to write something so goofy that it would put a smile on your face. We are all going through a tough time and one way we can get through this is with a little bit of fun.

If this put a smile on your safe please share!

~ Joey

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