As promised we are keeping you in the loop and updated with the construction and rebuild of Morey’s Piers’ Great Nor’Easter.  We went ahead and put together not only one video but two. The first video is a drone video via the sky of what the construction looks like from above. The second video is a video that we filmed from the ground.

On the day we filmed they were painting the Great Nor’Easter. The coaster is now 4 (Four) different colors. They are all different shades of blue. Starting off with a light blue and ending on a navy blue. 

When we were there, there was a decent amount of the track taken down. The most noticeable one is shown multiple times in the second video. The part of the Great Nor’Easter that loops up is starting to be removed. We were able to take photos of the new ride parts as they sit on the beach. If you have any questions please let us know. 

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