Great White Coaster Tracks REMOVED!

Morey’s Piers is always out to provide us with amazing experiences while visiting them. In the offseason which runs from October to April, Morey’s Piers takes this time to refine many of their rides.

This offseason hasn’t been any different. Morey’s has been busy refurbishing many of their rides.

A few weeks back we reported that Rollie’s Coaster, which is located on Mariners Pier, was getting a full refurbishment. Maintenance remove the ride fully from the pier, fixed up the track, painted the track, and are in the process of installing it back on the pier. (Cranes were up yesterday lifting pieces)

On Morey’s Surfside pier we see maintenance installing the Balloon Race ride back on the pier after it was removed last year due to parts being delayed due to covid. That ride was fully refurbished and will be ready for this summer. Also on that pier, the Merry-Go-Round is getting a little refurbishment.

Yesterday on my walk of the boardwalk, I made my way to Youngs Ave. While trying to film the North Wildwood beach replenishment, which gets its sand in Wildwood, we noticed that something was wrong with the Great White. The track was missing!

Last year Morey’s Piers started retracting the last bend of the Great White track. This is the part that starts in the dip down into the breaking track.

Now it looks like they are retracting the South-West turn and the dip before it. The track is currently being cut and placed on the beach via a crane. Once here maintenance removes any parts they can re-use, like the metal parts, and start to rebuild the track.

In the video below we check out their progress and showcase the coaster tracks on the beach.

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