Hereford Light’s Sister Lighthouses

Did you know North Wildwood’s Hereford Inlet Lighthouse Has a sister lighthouse on the other side of the United States? What’s even crazier is that she has two sister lighthouses.

Hereford Light’s Sister Lighthouses

Hereford Light

Meet Paul J. Pelz. Pelz was a German-American architect who emigrated to the United State in late 1851. During his early time here he lived in New York City and learned the design trade by studying under architect Detlef Lienau.

In 1867 he moved to Washington DC and was hired as the civil engineer for the United States Lighthouse Board. During his time there he became the chief draftsman on the Lighthouse Board.

Between 1871 through 1875, eleven (11) lighthouses were built using his blueprints.

Our lighthouse, Hereford Inlet Light, was the seventh (7th) one built by the time 1874 rolled around.

All and all, out of the 11 lighthouses that were built, only two others had similar characteristics.

You can tell that these three lighthouses weren’t built exactly the same but the lighthouses had a similar theme with it.

The sister light houses are located at;

Mare Island Lighthouse – San Pablo Bay, California (Built in 1873)

Point Fermin Lighthouse – San Pedro, California (Built in 1874)

Out of the 11 Lighthouses he built only 7 remain standing today. The others were lost due to fires or were simply knocked down.

With the help of two friends on the East coast, we were able to put together a video on both of the other sister lighthouses. Enjoy the video!


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