High Winds Split Lifeguard Boat In Avalon.

On Tuesday afternoon a massive thunderstorm went ripping through Cape May County causing much damage to trees, houses, and lifeguard boats.  Some beaches closed for about thirty minutes and life guards called swimmers and beach bathers off the beach.

In Avalon five (5) lifeguard boats, weighing four hundred (400) pounds each were picked up by the very high winds and sent down the Avalon beach. Those five (5) lifeguards were destroyed into many different pieces. This took place close to 30th street and the beach. There were rumors of lighting striking the boat but after close inspection from the Avalon Beach Patrol that was quickly ruled out.

Luckily lifeguards cleared the Avalon beaches ten (10) minutes before the storm hit. Thank goodness for our lifeguards. They really do deserve a high five and a big thanks!

Eyewitness to the storm, Erica McDonald, said, Our patio umbrella blew off our deck in sea isle and flew through the air over our three (3) story home. Thank god no one was hurt or that it didn’t hit any cars.”

As you can see, the beach is not the place to be during any kind of storm. Always keep an eye out and if you see a dark cloud in the sky ask a life guard or check on your phone to see if a thunder and lighting cell is moving into the area. It is always better to play it safe then to be suck in a middle of a storm with no protection.

High Winds Split Lifeguard Boat In Avalon

High Winds Split Lifeguard Boat In Avalon


As we know this is a site for Wildwood and not other cities we still thought that this sent out a message to everyone. That message is to never underestimate a dark cloud in the sky.

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Photo credited to the “Seven Mile Times”.