Horseshoe Crabs 101

Horseshoe Crabs 101

Horseshoe Crabs 101

It’s that time of year where Horseshoe Crabs make their was to shore to lay their eggs. You all asked us a ton of questions and so we wanted to give you a short 101 video about our prehistoric friends.

Before we get started, we released a question and answer Article about Horseshoe Crabs with our friends from the Wetlands Institute. Check that out and then come back to view our video. (Use the link below)

Jersey Shore Horseshoe Crabs

We decided to film a short video to show you up in person how Horseshoe Crabs are once they come on land.

This video was shot in Cape May New Jersey but the Horseshoe Crabs act the same no matter where you are in the Delaware Bay. Millions of horseshoe crabs breed in the Delaware Bay per year. This makes the Delaware bay one of the largest living and breeding population of Horseshoe Crabs in the World. 

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Thank you; “The Wetlands Institute”, “Cape May National Wildlife Refuge” “” and “National Geographic” for the information to make this article.