Humpback Whales Spotted Off The Coast of Cape May (Video)

Humpback Whales Spotted Off The Coast of Cape May

Photo by The Cape May Whale Watcher

It seems that humpback whales have been spotted all over the state of New Jersey over the past few weeks. Over the past few days there have been several humpback whales spotted just off the coast of Cape May.

While there is no exact science on what days you could see a Humpback Whale, it’s became fairly common to see them in our area.

According to Conserve Wildlife New Jersey, Humpback whales migrate from the warm waters of the Caribbean to the cooler food-rich waters off of the North East in the summer. While a decent account of humpbacks head back after the summer some remain at their northern feeding grounds during the winter.

Humpback whales primarily feed on tiny crustaceans known as krill as well as small fish. They may consume up to 3,000 pounds of food each day. The Atlantic Ocean, in front of New Jersey, is a goldmine of food for the whales.

Below are some videos and photos taken of these whales over the past few days.

Video by Tom Puzio

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