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Hurricane Mathew Update and Poll (Wildwood Weather)

Article From Oct 4th at 2pm

Hurricane Mathew Update and Poll Wildwoo

Hurricane Mathew Current Path

With Hurricane Mathew ripping apart Cuba and The Bahamas right now, we wanted to give you a update on what we know so far and if Wildwood weather will be affected by this category 4 hurricane.

According to the National Hurricane Center, Hurricane Mathew looks to be on a path that shows Mathew off the coast of New Jersey by Sunday Morning. The question most of us ask, how far off the coast.

Sadly, the European model doesn’t know a very accurate model until we are 2-3 days away so it’s still up in the air on how far away Hurricane Mathew will be.  The Mount Holly National Weather Service says, “ Matthew is drifting very slowly northward towards Jamaica, Haiti and Cuba. It is too early to determine if Mathew will directly impact the U.S” All we can do now is wait a few days until the American Model and European Model gives us a better idea.

This is what you could do in the meanwhile.
If we expect Hurricane Mathew to be off our coast, it is never too early to get ready to prepare. With any near by hurricane we could expect high winds, heavy rain fall, some flooding and beach erosion.

Make sure you have your chairs put away, umbrella’s down, and be prepared for a little flooding.

We are taking a poll to see if you think Hurricane Mathew will effect our area. Answer below!

Do You Think Hurricane Mathew Will Effect Wildwood?

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Also, If you plan on being in Wildwood for Hurricane Mathew, we are putting together a team of reporters. A reporter would be someone who can send in videos and pictures with a little description. If you are interested, reach out to us on Facebook here