Iconic Wildwood Statue Gets A Little TLC

Iconic Wildwood Statue Gets A Little TLC

Iconic Wildwood Elephant Gets A Little TLC

For those who can remember back in the day there used to be an elephant on Wildwood’s Fun Pier right outside the Jungleland ride. At that time the elephant was grey and stood about 6 feet tall.

After Fun Pier ended it’s reign on the boardwalk in 1987, the elephant was up for grabs.

Rocky’s Liquor Mart took the elephant, painted it pink and then added it to their roof as a decoration.

Since 1987 the elephant hadn’t been given any love.

Last year the elephant blew over and we, like others, thought it was gone for good.

Here’s the good news!

Rocky’s reached out to our friends at A.B.S. Sign Co. and are going to have them fix it up.

Below is a video of A.B.S. Sign looking at the elephant as it laid on the roof of Rockys.

Side note:  Turns out that there is a twin of this elephant somewhere in Pennsylvania


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