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Indie Movie Filming In Wildwood

Indie Movie Filming In Wildwood

It is always awesome to see film crews in Wildwood. The last time we had film crews in Wildwood was for the Heather Graham movie, “Wetlands.”

If you missed the movie “Wetlands, “check out the article that has the filming videos and photos. (CLICK HERE) 

This time we had some blue aliens filming on the Wildwood beaches (behind Morey’s Mariners Landing) filming the movie, “Higher Grounds.”

Directed by Joe Kramer, the indie film “Higher Grounds” has been using Wildwood’s beaches as a backdrop.

We do not know too much about the film but it is a science fiction dark comedy.

Images from the filming started showing up online but looks like it was filmed in Wildwood at the end of September. 

Below is a video of some of the photos from the shot.


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