Inside Look At ICONA Diamond Beach’s Renovations!

For the past few months we have been reporting on the massive renovations that are taking place around the island.

One of those renovations is the ICONA Diamond Beach located at 9701 Atlantic Ave in Wildwood Crest/Diamond Beach.

We first broke the news on this project last October and showcased the blueprints. If you want to watch that video click the link below.

Icona Diamond Beach To Get OverHauled

Since this they have scaled the project back a little by removing the infinity pool BUT have increased many other aspects of the project.

It was reported a few weeks ago that the ICONA Diamond Beach located had been recognized by the U.S. News & World Report as the best hotel in the state of New Jersey and Tripadvisor named them the No. 6 hotel in the United States for its exceptional service.  

Get ready because this hotel is going to break barriers with what they are doing now.

While it was reported that they were adding a 6th floor, we got a personal tour and found out that almost EVERYTHING is getting stripped down and rebuilt inside.

From the reception area, to the hallways and to the rooms. If you stayed at ICONA Diamond Beach in the past you will want to come back to experience the new ICONA Diamond Beach.

They are adding their signature style which will only make this resort more glamorous.

On top of this, if you were looking for the best place to have your wedding at, this is the place.

They are currently building as third floor banquet facility with a fixed roof which will give amazing views of the beach.

Below are some photos of the construction! They are far from being done and we will be back to give you updates on it.

They will be ready to go for summer so get booking! 

Inside Look At ICONA Diamond Beach's Renovations!

Inside Look At ICONA Diamond Beach’s Renovations!

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